Rosario to Vampire Uncensored TV series English Dub & Sub Download

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Rosario to Vampire TV series info:

Name: Rosario + Vampire

Synonyms: Rosario to Vampire

Japanese: ロザリオとバンパイア

Type: TV series

Episodes: 13

Status: Finished airing

Aired: January 3, 2008, to March 27, 2008

Producers: Gonzo, FUNimation Entertainment, Happinet Pictures, Sotsu, Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, Memory-Tech, Shueisha

Licensors: FUNimation Entertainment

Studios: Gonzo

Source: Manga

Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, School, Shounen, Vampire

Duration: 24 minutes per episode

Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older

Here’s an introductory paragraph for “Rosario + Vampire”:

Welcome to Yokai Academy, a school where humans coexist with supernatural creatures like vampires, witches, and werewolves. Tsukune Aono, an ordinary human, mistakenly enrolls in this mysterious academy, unaware of the dangers that await him. Surrounded by seductive succubi, enchanting witches, and bloodthirsty vampires, Tsukune must conceal his true identity to survive.

However, as he forms unexpected friendships and finds himself entangled in the web of supernatural affairs, Tsukune’s life takes an exhilarating turn. Together with his newfound friends, including the beautiful vampire Moka Akashiya, Tsukune navigates the perils of love, friendship, and the constant threat of dark forces lurking within the academy’s walls. Brace yourself for an alluring blend of humor, romance, and supernatural action in “Rosario + Vampire,” where the line between humans and monsters blurs, and danger lurks at every corner.

Rosario to Vampire Uncensored TV series English Dub & Sub Download


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