My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission English Subbed Movie Download

My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission English Subbed Movie Download

My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission English Subbed Movie Download, My Hero Academia World Heroes English Subbed Download, Download My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission English. Also, Check out the Redo Of Healer Uncensored Here.

My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission Info:

A doomsday cult known as Humarise believes that Quirks will eventually become so powerful that they will bring about the extinction of humanity. Because of this, they have planted bombs all over the world filled with “Trigger” gas which kills Quirk users by driving their Quirks out of control and dying in the process. Their leader, Flect Turn, plans to use these bombs to save humanity by killing the Quirk population.

After Humarise detonates its first Trigger Bomb, the World Heroes Association dispatches Pro Heroes and U.A. High Hero Course students to Humarise’s targets in hopes of disarming the remaining bombs. Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki are among those sent to Humarise’s supposed main headquarters in the country of Otheon. None of the Heroes find any trace of Humarise and they are put on standby.

During an outing, Midoriya, Bakugo, and Todoroki encounter a jewel robbery in progress. Todoroki and Bakugo pursue the thieves while Midoriya gives chase to their courier, Rody Soul, a street urchin who took the job to provide for his younger siblings. Meanwhile, Allan Kay, a Humarise scientist, flees with an important briefcase but is attacked by a Humarise agent, Beros, and he crashes his car in the midst of Midoriya and Rody’s chase. Rody accidentally grabs Kay’s briefcase shortly before Midoriya catches him. They are soon attacked by the police, but Midoriya escapes with Rody using Blackwhip.

Midoriya is publicly accused of mass murder by Otheon’s chief of police, who is a member of Humarise, and goes off the grid per Todoroki’s advice. Midoriya and Rody make their way to the neighboring country of Klayd, where the Otheon police won’t have jurisdiction. Midoriya sends a coded message about his new destination to Todoroki, who heads off with Bakugo to join him there. That night, Rody becomes homesick and secretly reports the briefcase to the police. The officers that arrive turn out to be Humarise agents, who attack him.

Midoriya, having been woken up by Rody’s bird companion, Pino, saves him, but is wounded by Beros during the fight. Rody apologizes to Midoriya while patching him up, explaining that his father abandoned the family to join Humarise and that he and his siblings were ostracized as a result.

My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission English Subbed Movie Download


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